The Impact of Asteroseismology across Stellar Astrophysics

Coordinators: Conny Aerts, Sarbani Basu, Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, Steve Kawaler

Scientific Advisors: Bill Chaplin, Katrien Kolenberg, Marc Pinsonneault, Juri Toomre, Yanqin Wu

The theme of the conference is to highlight the current status of our understanding of physical processes relevant to stellar interiors in the broadest sense, emphasizing the problems and the potential for using new observations of stars as physics probes. The field of stellar astrophysics is currently undergoing an observational revolution, thanks largely to the extensive stellar oscillation data recently obtained by the CoRoT and Kepler space  missions. Thus a central aspect of the conference is to identify and explore physics issues (such as convection, diffusion, rotation, magnetic fields, radiative transport, equation of state...) that can be addressed by analyzing the seismic data. The program includes both theoretical talks that focus on stellar interiors and asteroseismic diagnostics, as well as observational talks that deal with problem and potential of the new seismic era.


We are now collecting suggestions for contributed talks for this conference. If you are interested in submitting an abstract for consideration, please email the KITP Administrative Assistant, Jocelyn with a Word document copy of your abstract.

DEADLINE: October 01, 2011

There is also an opportunity for registered participants to submit a poster. Your title, abstract and poster will be listed on the main conference website. If you are interested in submitting a poster, e-mail the KITP Administrative Assistant, Jocelyn with a poster title along with a Word document copy of the poster abstract, no pdfs.

DEADLINE for Abstract: October 01, 2011
DEADLINE for Poster: October 24, 2011