Gravity from algebra: modern field theory methods for holography

Coordinators: Ofer Aharony, Agnese Bissi, Leonardo Rastelli, and Alexander Zhiboedov

The last several years have seen rapid development of a new language for conformal field theory(CFT), including insights from the conformal bootstrap program. This conference will bring to bear the modern arsenal of conformal field theory on the foundations of holography and quantum gravity. A theme of the conference will be the extent to which consistency conditions on quantum gravity are inherited from those of CFT, and whether they naturally lead to string/M-theory. By bringing together scientists on both sides of holographic duality, we hope to explore these issues in a broad way.Topics to be covered include large N bootstrap and the structure of holographic CFTs dual to general relativity; CFT sum rules and gravitational effective field theory; aspects of supersymmetry in holography; low-dimensional holography, modularity and quantum chaos; black holes from strongly-coupled finite temperature physics; symmetry constraints on gravitational path integrals and AdS vacua; S-matrices, their relation to CFT correlators, and holography away from AdS.