Bootstrapping Quantum Gravity

Coordinators: Agnese Bissi, Eric Perlmutter, Leonardo Rastelli, and Alexander Zhiboedov

The AdS/CFT Correspondence, an enduring cornerstone of theoretical physics, turns 25 in November 2022. An outstanding problem in AdS/CFT is to understand the origins of the correspondence in the most fundamental terms possible. Harnessing substantial progress over the last several years in nonperturbative quantum and conformal field theory, this program will develop a constructive approach to the emergence of bulk spacetime in AdS/CFT, rooted in the rigorous modern language of conformal field theory and the conformal bootstrap. By leveraging a new generation of techniques, the program aims to constrain gravitational observables and to sharpen our understanding of the principles governing the quantum gravity landscape. The program will extend the horizons of the conformal bootstrap itself, by applying existing techniques to new holographic observables and by drawing lessons from non-bootstrap approaches.

The program will include focus on the following sub-topics:

1.''Holographic CFT and Large N Bootstrap'': deriving the space and structure of holographic CFTs in diverse dimensions from first principles; understanding the field-theoretic origin of large bulk dimensions and the UV structure of string theory.

2.''Black hole physics from finite temperature CFT'': developing large N bootstrap methods at finite temperature, combined with other approaches such as low-dimensional dualities between gravity and matrix models, to make quantitative predictions about higher-dimensional black holes.

3.''New roles for symmetry in holography'': exploring familiar symmetries whose holographic consequences not been fully understood (e.g. generalized global symmetries, modularity, supersymmetry), and symmetries which may be emergent in holography (e.g. strongly coupled symmetries, ensemble-averaged systems).

4.''Contact with flat space'': juxtaposing AdS methods with approaches to flat space holography; constraining gravitational effective field theories in AdS versus flat space; bounding the swampland.