Realistic Theories of Correlated Electron Materials

Coordinators: Ole Krogh Andersen, Gabriel B. Kotliar, Alexander J. Lichtenstein

This KITP program will focus on quantitative methods for the treatment of electronic correlations in solids, and emphasize applications to materials of current experimental interest such as rare earth and actinides, heavy fermions, transition metal compounds and quasi one- and two-dimensional organics.

It is motivated by recent advances in the treatment of correlation effects such as dynamical mean field theory and its extensions, numerical renormalization group approaches, and their integration into electronic structure calculations. The program will stimulate discussions among experts in many body theory, experts in electronic structure calculations and experimentalists working on strongly correlated materials. The program will balance two important components: the development of new theoretical methods, and the applications of these methods to experimentally relevant systems, in order to gain a new physical understanding of complex materials.

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