The Cosmic Web: Connecting Galaxies to Cosmology at High and Low Redshift

Coordinators: Joanne Cohn, Nick Kaiser, Christophe Pichon, and Dmitri Pogosyan

Scientific Advisors: D. Aubert (U-Strasbourg), D. Bond (CITA), S. Codis (IAP), K. Dawson (Utah), M. Haehnelt (IoA), C. Laigle (IAP), J. Peacock (ROE), A. Slyz (Oxford).

The matter distribution of the Universe follows a web-like structure at all overdensities, from the intergalactic medium to clusters of galaxies. It consists of filaments, sheets, knots and voids. This cosmic web provides the framework for the formation and evolution of galaxies in the Universe, at high and low redshift, and is fundamentally connected to cosmology. Our goal is to bring together cosmic web scientists in observations, simulations and theory, to address the following two intertwined questions. How may the cosmic web be used to constrain cosmological models and the cosmic re-ionisation history of the Universe? What is the relationship between the formation and evolution of galaxies and their cosmic web environment? During this program, through talks and focussed discussion sessions, we expect to understand the web itself and its connections to galaxy formation, re-ionisation and cosmology. This program will also be running in parallel with the “Building a Physical Understanding of Galaxy Evolution with Data-driven Astronomy” program, enabling an additional synergy.