Dark Matter Theory, Simulation, and Analysis in the Era of Large Surveys

Coordinators: Kimberly Boddy, Vera Gluscevic, Ferah Munshi and Annika Peter

Scientific Advisors: Jo Dunkley, Tim M. P. Tait, and Risa H. Wechsler

The nature of dark matter remains unknown, strongly implying the existence of new physics beyond the Standard Model. New volumes of observational data—including galaxy surveys, measurements of the cosmic microwave background temperature, polarization, and lensing, line-intensity mapping, and strong lensing measurements—will map the distribution of matter on a broad range of scales and the thermal history of the universe with unprecedented precision, unlocking a potential for discovery of dark matter signals. The goal of this program is to bring together a broad community of simulators, particle and cosmology theorists, and observers to focus on development of critical tools for dark matter discovery at the dawn of large observational surveys. We aim to address the following questions: 

  • What are the particle physics dark matter models that can be revealed by new data? 
  • What forward modeling and simulation capabilities are imminently necessary for discovery?
  • How can we catalyze joint analyses of existing and incoming data? 

We plan a highly interactive program that serves to strengthen cohesiveness and synergies of our broad and diverse community.