Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Systems: Advances and Applications

Coordinators: Aram Harrow, Liang Jiang, Vedika Kheman, and Sagar Vijay

The goal of this conference is to explore connections between many-body quantum dynamics, quantum complexity theory, and the use and validation of noisy, intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices. Key topic areas for this conference include (i) novel dynamical regimes and phases in quantum circuits, (ii) quantum simulation, error mitigation, and validation of NISQ devices, and (iii) quantum optimization algorithms and quantum many-body physics. The conference will provide a key opportunity for a targeted evaluation of productive areas for cross-collaboration for scientists in quantum information science, computer science, and condensed-matter physics.

Victor Albert - NIST/Maryland

Ehud Altman - Berkeley

Ben Brown- IBM

Bruno Bertini- Nottingham

Sebastian Diehl - Univ. of Cologne 

Manuel Endres - Caltech

Bill Fefferman - U. Chicago

Sarang Gopalakrishnan - Princeton

Michael Gullans - QuICS

Tim Hsieh - Perimeter Inst.

Aleksander Kubica - AWS Quantum Computing

Ben Lev - Stanford

Yaodong Li - Stanford

Misha Lukin - Harvard

John Martinis - UCSB

Zlatko Minev - IBM

Chinmay Nirkhe - IBM

Crystal Noel - Duke

Lorenzo Piroli - ENS Paris

John Preskill - Caltech

Drew Potter -  UBC

Xiaoliang Qi - Stanford

Giulia Semeghini - Harvard

Kevin Satzinger - Google

Eugene Tang - MIT

Romain Vasseur - UMass Amherst

Zhenghan Wang - UCSB

Dominic Williamson - U. Sydney

Peter Zoller - Univ. Innsbruck

Quntao Zhuang - Arizona