The Dynamics of Quantum Information

Coordinators: Rahul Nandkishore, Siddharth Parameswaran, Marcos Rigol and Romain Vasseur

Scientific Advisors: John Cardy, Igor Klebanov, and Shivaji Sondhi

The dynamics of information and entanglement in quantum systems defines a field that ties together several seemingly unrelated fundamental issues in theoretical physics, including the phase structure of driven quantum systems, the random growth of interfaces, and the gravity duals of strongly coupled quantum field theories. Quantum information has already revolutionized our understanding of the equilibrium properties of strongly-interacting quantum systems. It promises to do the same for non-equilibrium quantum dynamics.

The purpose of this program is to gather leading experimental and theoretical experts on various aspects of non-equilibrium classical and quantum physics, driven systems, black holes, holography, and tensor networks, to discuss the key issues in the understanding of the dynamics of quantum information. The program will highlight and attempt to unify a broad range of topics including thermalization and prethermalization, many-body localization, Floquet phases of matter, classical and quantum glasses, quantum integrability, the growth of random interfaces and its relation to entanglement dynamics, tensor networks, and holography. This will ultimately promote the development of new interdisciplinary techniques to understand the dynamics of quantum information in many-body quantum systems.