Quantum Gases

Coordinators: Eric Cornell, Alexander Fetter, Tin-Lun (Jason) Ho, Christopher Pethick, Georgy V. Shlyapnikov

The Conference on Frontiers of Quantum Gases will be held in the middle of a three month workshop on Quantum Gases at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics(KITP) from April 5 to July 2, 2004. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the frontier topics in quantum gases. It will include all major experimental and theoretical developments, and will focus on key fundamental issues. Apart from regular talks, there may also be one or two panel discussions. The exact format will be announced at a later time.

A preliminary list of topics is:

Strongly interacting quantum gases
Rapidly rotating Bose gases
Spinor condensates
Quantum gases in optical lattices
Bose condensates and quantum information theory

(Partial) List of Speakers:

Alain Aspect(University of Paris, Orsay)
Immanuel Bloch(University of Mainz)
Michael Chapman(Georgia Tech)
Ignacio Cirac(Max Planck Institute)
Eric Cornell (JILA)
Rudolf Grimm(University of Innsbruck)
Randall Hulet(Rice University)
Massimo Inguscio(University of Florence)
Deborah Jin(JILA)
Wolfgang Ketterle (MIT)
Tony Leggett(University of Illinois)
Erich Mueller(Cornell University)
Dmitri Petrov(Harvard)
Christophe Salomon(ENS, Paris)
Klaus Sengstock(University of Hamburg)
Gora Shlyapnikov(FOM and University of Paris, Orsay)
Sandro Stringari(University of Trento)
John Thomas(Duke University)
Li You(Georgia Tech)
Fei Zhou(University of British Columbia)
Peter Zoller(University of Innsbruck)

Format of discussion and more speaker/panelists will be announced soon.
The maximum capacity of this conference is 120 participants. More information will be given in future updates.

The coordinator for the conference is Jason Ho, email Ho@mps.ohio-state.edu.