Gravitational Interaction of Compact Objects

Coordinators: Matthew Choptuik, Eanna E. Flanagan, Luis Lehner

Gravitational Interaction of Compact Objects

The physics of systems of gravitationally-compact objects plays a major role in our currrent understanding of some of the most spectacular phenomena known: supernovae, gamma ray bursters and magnetars to name just a few. Additionally, the simulation of systems involving black holes and/or neutron stars has considerable potential to aid in current efforts to detect and analyze gravitational waves, as well as to further our fundamental understanding of gravitational theory. Therefore, obtaining robust simulation of strongly gravitating/highly dynamical systems remains an exciting and challenging goal.

This conference will bring together researchers in all areas of classical strong-field gravitational physics, to kick-off a two month KITP program focusing on the gravitational interaction of compact objects.

Major topics of the conference include:

  1. Overview of the state of detection efforts.
  2. Simulation of systems of compact objects. including methodology.
  3. Gravitational radiation from compact systems.
  4. The data-analysis/source-simulation connection.