New Probes for Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Coordinators: Nathaniel Craig, Rouven Essig, Mariangela Lisanti, and Kathryn Zurek

Scientific Advisors: Chris Tully

We have entered a new era where the search for physics beyond the Standard Model extends from the most powerful colliders to the most sensitive of table-top experiments. The study of new symmetries and forces is rapidly becoming a highly interdisciplinary endeavor, requiring close collaboration between the theory and experimental communities in areas as diverse as high energy and condensed matter/AMO physics. This conference aims to bring together researchers from these diverse communities to discuss the most effective search strategies for a broad array of new physics models. The program will emphasize new experimental methods and technologies that hold promise in improving sensitivity to a broad array of theory scenarios, including ultralight scalars, light force carriers, and sub-GeV dark matter.

Invited Speakers

  • Asimina Arvanitaki - Perimeter Inst.
  • Marco Battaglieri - INFN
  • Asher Berlin - SLAC
  • Aaron Chou - Fermilab
  • Janet Conrad - MIT
  • Bertrand Echenard - Caltech
  • Jonathan Feng - UCI
  • Graham Giovanetti - Princeton
  • Sunil Golwala - Caltech
  • Stefania Gori - U of Cincinnati
  • Peter Graham - Stanford
  • Simon Knapen - LBNL
  • Ben Mazin - UCSB
  • Samuel Mc Dermott - Fermilab
  • Dan McKinsey - Yale
  • Matt Pyle - UC Berkeley
  • Jesus Perez Rios - Universidad del Turabo
  • Adam Ritz - Victoria Univ.
  • Marianna Safronova - Delaware
  • Subir Sarkar - Oxford
  • Oren Slone - Princeton
  • Peter Sorensen - LBNL
  • Jan Strube - PNNL
  • Timothy Tait - UCI
  • Javier Tiffenberg - Fermilab
  • Ken Van Tilburg - IAS.NYU
  • Natalia Toro - SLAC
  • Ronald Walsworth - Harvard
  • Mike Williams - MIT
  • Lindley Winslow - MIT
  • Hai Bo Yu - UC Riverside