High Energy Physics at the Sensitivity Frontier

Coordinators: Nathaniel Craig, Rouven Essig, Scott Thomas, and Kathryn Zurek

Scientific Advisors: Peter Graham and Michael Romalis

High energy physics has entered an era in which experiment is leading theory across a variety of frontiers.In recent years much exciting progress has been made at the sensitivity frontier, where advances in experimental techniques have been applied to probe physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) in a variety of novel ways, including high precision tests of symmetries, direct detection of dark matter, production and detection of new light degrees of freedom, and tests for short and long range forces. While many original ideas for BSM physics have been identified and paired with new experimental tools at the sensitivity frontier, both ideas and tools are rapidly evolving and many opportunities remain ripe for exploration.

The program will bring together experts at the forefront of high-precision techniques and beyond-the-Standard Model physics. In doing so, the workshop will focus effort into developing new directions along the sensitivity frontier, identifying new signatures, and exploiting techniques developed in diverse fields to make novel measurements important to fundamental physics.