Exploring Non-equilibrium Long-range Quantum Matter

Coordinators: Alexey Gorshkov, Tommaso Macrí, Giovanna Morigi and Lea F. Santos

Quantum simulators have opened the doors to the observation of several novel phases and out-of-equilibrium phenomena of quantum many-body systems with long-range interactions. However, differing approaches to closely related questions mean that there is an increased need to bridge growing gaps between researchers with different backgrounds. This conference intends to address this need, creating a forum to study and discuss recent results in non-equilibrium long-range quantum matter. The large list of diverse topics covered by the conference will include equilibration, thermalization and transport, entanglement and information dynamics, out-of-equilibrium scaling and dynamically stabilized phases. The goal is to bridge the various perspectives coming from a wide range of separate research communities to identify those common questions which are more likely to produce fundamental and technological advancements in quantum matter experiments.