Out-of-equilibrium Dynamics and Quantum Information of Many-body Systems with Long-range Interactions

Coordinators: Nicolò Defenu, Alexey Gorshkov, Giovanna Morigi and Lea F. Santos

Scientific Advisors: Paola Cappellaro, Eugene Demler, David Mukamel, Manfred Salmhofer and Monika Schleier-Smith

The experimental progress in the field of quantum simulations has stimulated a strong theoretical interest in the quantum coherent dynamics of long-range interacting particles. The prominent collective character of these systems gives rise to novel dynamical phenomena, metastable phases of matter, and forms of dynamical criticality which do not have a counterpart in traditional quantum systems with local interactions. This program will give a broad scientific community an occasion to have systematic and organic discussions over several recently discovered non-equilibrium phenomena enabled by long-range interactions, bridging the insights coming from theory and experiment. The program will cover several aspects of long-range physics, including, but not limited to the dynamics of quantum correlations and entanglement, dynamical phase transitions, dynamically stabilized phases and metastable phases and anomalous slow dynamics and ergodicity breaking. The program will provide a framework for various research communities to discuss the core concepts and tools relevant to long-range interacting matter and will contribute to better bridging the gap between theorists and experimentalists.