Back to the Galaxy II

Coordinators: Andrew John Benson, Juna Kollmeier, Matthias H. Steinmetz

Scientific Advisors: Leo Blitz, James Steven Bullock, Andrea Ghez, Andrew Gould, Amina Helmi, Piero Madau, Francesca Matteucci, Rosemary Wyse

In addition to revisiting the crucial questions from the 1992 October Astrophysics symposium "Back to the Galaxy" with 15 years of hindsight, this conference will embody our KITP program goals of bringing together multiple sub-fields of current Milky Way research. These include the Galactic center, high-energy signatures from dark matter, Milky Way archaeology and chronography through abundances and stellar kinematics as well as the formation and evolution of the Milky Way in a cosmological framework. Current and near-future data are critically entwining issues and puzzles across these sub-fields and it is our goal to have a meeting centered on the vibrant cross-exchange of new results and ideas.

E-mail Coordinator Juna Kollmeier if you are interested in presenting a poster/giving a contributed talk. Limited space/time available. Deadline Aug 29, 2008.

Speakers Include:
  • Binney, James
  • Blitz, Leo
  • Brown, Warren
  • Bullock, James
  • Geha, Marla
  • Ghez, Andrea
  • Gould, Andrew
  • Grebel, Eva
  • Helmi, Amina
  • Johnston, Kathryn
  • Koch, Andreas
  • Madau, Piero
  • Matteucci, Francesca
  • Newberg, Heidi
  • Rich, R. Michael
  • Rix, Hans-Walter
  • Sadoulet, Bernard
  • Steinmetz, Matthias
  • Tremaine, Scott
  • Weinberg, Martin
  • Wyse, Rosemary