Coordinators: Carlo W.J. Beenakker, Michael F. Crommie, Yoseph Imry, Paul McEuen

Nanoscale systems, which are at the focus of impressive experimental developments, offer new insights on fundamental questions in physics and include systems studied traditionally by chemists and biologists. Among the fundamental issues are the role of quantum fluctuations and strong electron correlations, the quantum-classical crossover, and the gradual buildup of macroscopic behavior. Novel material properties and unexpected device applications are emerging as well. Connections are developing with previously distinct branches of physics, such as quantum optics and quantum measurement theory.

The program will gather a group of mostly theorists having different backgrounds in condensed matter and statistical physics, to learn about the special properties of systems on the nanoscale and develop their basic understanding. A diverse group of experimentalists will fuel the discussions and promote the development of new ideas. Both junior and senior scholars are invited to apply. Scientists with a background in chemistry or biology and an interest in physics are particularly welcome. To ensure the buildup of strong interactions over an extended period of time, visits of shorter than one month are discouraged. Exceptions are made for experimentalists. There will be a one week conference from August 20-24.

The Nanoscience program will run in parallel with two other ITP programs, one on Quantum Computing and another on Neural Networks, that should provide for some interesting interactions and cross-fertilization.