Interdisciplinary Developments in Neutrino Physics

Coordinators: Inés Gil Botella, Martha Constantinou,and Ian Shoemaker

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The goal of this conference is to survey the interdisciplinary avenues in modern neutrino physics, with a threefold overarching set of aims: (1) to maximize the new physics potential of present and upcoming experimental data, (2) to understand new directions in the quest for high-precision neutrino cross sections, including synergy with lattice QCD; and, (3) to ensure that the impact of neutrinos on astrophysical and cosmological processes is comprehensively addressed. Particular attention will be given to exploring connections between neutrinos and gravitational waves, cosmological data, sources for IceCube’s astrophysical neutrino events, implications of the latest sterile searches for cosmology and astrophysics, and an assessment of the role of the neutrino detectors as astrophysical observatories.