Interplay between Numerical Relativity and Data Analysis (Minipgm)

in partnership with the Kavli Foundation.

Coordinators: Patrick R. Brady, Luis Lehner, Saul A. Teukolsky

Searches for gravitational waves from coalescing compact binary systems rely on concrete knowledge of the resulting waveform to achieve maximum sensitivity to these sources. LIGO is already acquiring data at design sensitivity, enabling the detection of gravitational waves from binary black hole coalescence out to several hundred Mpc through optimally matched filtering searches. Direct observation of gravitational waves from these systems will have significant and far-reaching consequences for both gravitational physics and astronomy. To develop a complete picture of these systems will require complex numerical simulations, approximation techniques, and a strong interplay between theorists and observers. Advances in data analysis and in numerical simulation techniques offer the promise of cross-fertilization between workers in these complementary areas. This two-week workshop is intended to foster further and stronger collaborations between researchers in disciplines related to the search for gravitational waves.

Preference will be given to participants who can participate for the full two weeks, although exceptions may be made for observers.