QCD and String Theory

Coordinators: Ofer Aharony, Martin Beneke, Matthew J. Strassler, Arkady I. Vainshtein

The relation between QCD and string theory has long been a subject of fascination. Recent discoveries linking field theory and string theory have led to new developments in this area. We seek to bring together experts on a wide range of interrelated subjects, in hopes of creating an unusual opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion. We encourage experts in many areas of QCD --- including lattice gauge theory, large-N expansions, hadron phenomenology, small-x physics and finite-temperature field theory --- to apply, as well as those studying the duality between gauge theories and gravitational/string theories, including topics such as warped compactifications, Randall-Sundrum model building, new models of confinement, string theory in new regimes, and more general forms of open-closed string duality.

QCD and String Theory Conference