Quantum Information

Coordinators: Carlton M. Caves, David P. DiVincenzo, Ataç Imamoglu, Mark A. Srednicki, Wojciech H. Zurek

Quantum mechanics offers the possibility of fundamentally new forms of computation, information processing, and communication. With the invention of quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and fault-tolerant quantum computation, a dynamic new field of quantum information science has emerged. This new field is truly interdisciplinary, and it benefits from the contributions of physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, chemists, and engineers.

The Quantum Information Conference will highlight recent theoretical and experimental developments in this exciting field. It will be held near the end of a four-month ITP program, which will focus on studying the role of quantum entanglement as a resource in quantum information processing and the impacts of decoherence and chaos on its physical implementations.

Conference participants could present their work in one of the two poster sessions.