Quantum Optics (Minipgm)

Coordinators: Raymond Chiao, Joseph Eberly, Michael Fleischhauer, Peter W. Milonni

The 8-26 July 2002 Quantum Optics Short Workshop will focus on the general areas of slow light, stopped light, and fast light("slow" and "fast" referring to the group velocity of light). A significant part of the Workshop will also be devoted to the propagation of signals in microelectronics and in negative-refraction materials. In addition to research seminars, tutorials will be presented on these topics as well as on the major theme of slow light and fast light. About half of each day will be free for informal discussions.

The organizers of the Workshop are Raymond Chiao(Berkeley), Joseph Eberly(Rochester), Michael Fleischhauer(Kaiserslautern), and Peter Milonni(Los Alamos). Information and questions should be sent to pwm@lanl.gov.