Topological Phases and Quantum Computation

Coordinators: F. A. Bais, Chetan Nayak, John Preskill

Quantum computers should be capable of performing tasks that would be inconceivable with conventional digital computers, but enormous scientific and engineering challenges must be overcome for scalable quantum computers to be realized. Topological quantum computation is a particularly appealing proposal for implementing quantum information processing, in which quantum states are encoded in the nonlocal degrees of freedom of a suitable topologically ordered physical system. Because of the nonlocal encoding, these quantum states are intrinsically resistant to the debilitating effects of local noise. This meeting will bring together researchers working on the classification of topological phases; different possible physical realizations of them, including the fractional quantum Hall regime, ultra-cold atoms and Josephson junction arrays; and connections with other approaches to fault-tolerant quantum computation.

Confirmed Speaker:
Nick Bonesteel
Sergei Bravyi
Sankar Das Sarma
Paul Fendley
Eduardo Fradkin
Mike Freedman
Vladimir Goldman
Daniel Gottesman
Lev Ioffe
Vaughan Jones
Alexei Kitaev
Mike Levin
Mikhail Lukin
Charles Marcus
John Martinis
Nick Read
Kirill Shtengel
Mike Stone
Zhenghan Wang
Robert Willett