Paths to Exploding Stars: Accretion and Eruption

Coordinators: Lars Bildsten, Rosanne Di Stefano, Robert Kirshner, Edward Peter van den Heuvel, John Craig Wheeler

This conference is full and no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest.

This one week conference will concentrate on the astrophysics of accretion and explosions in white dwarfs.

We hope to make progress on understanding the astronomical origins of Type Ia supernovae and their present-day accreting counterparts, the physical processes that lead to increased mass of the degenerate star in a binary pair, the approach to ignition and explosion mechanisms, the production of the light curve and spectrum, and the nucleosynthetic yield. We will also have updates on the Type Ia supernovae, their accreting progenitors, and their constantly cooling brethren, the isolated white dwarfs.

Our aim is to provide a rich environment for the proper understanding of these phenomena in terms of stellar evolution, the physics of mass transfer binaries, and the physics of thermonuclear supernovae. One day of the conference (March 21) will consist of special talks in celebration of the 60th birthday of Professor Ken'ichi Nomoto (University of Tokyo).