Supersymmetric Gauge Dynamics and String Theory

Coordinators: David Kutasov, Lisa Randall, Mikhail A. Shifman

The program centers on supersymmetric gauge theories and their realization in string theory. The main purpose is to bring together researchers in string theory, gauge field theory and supersymmetric phenomenology, in order to explore the rich interplay of gauge theory dynamics and string theory. In the last few years there has been tremendous progress in both subjects. Some aspects of nonperturbative gauge dynamics that were mysterious for decades have been solved, and a number of new unexpected phenomena have been discovered. String theory techniques provided crucial insights into the strong coupling dynamics of various gauge theories, and are promising to profoundly change our understanding of gauge theory. Furthermore, string theory ideas have motivated different geometrical realizations of low-energy physics, leading to interesting results and questions regarding the role of additional dimensions of space-time.

The remarkable convergence of ideas from string theory and gauge theory that has been taking place recently led to the fact that many string theorists are becoming much more interested in phenomenology of supersymmetric gauge theories, while some phenomenologists are learning the tools and insights provided by string theory. The program will clarify the issues facing the community and facilitate exchange of information between different groups of researchers. The possibility that supersymmetry may be experimentally discovered in the next few years is an important impetus as well.

The program will include a workshop "Supersymmetric Gauge Dynamics and String Theory" which will take place November 17 - 20, 1999

List of selected topics

Dualities in gauge theories and string theories -- Strong coupling behavior in supersymmetric gauge theories -- From D branes to QCD -- AdS/CFT correspondence -- Phenomenological aspects of supersymmetry at various scales -- New mechanisms of supersymmetry breaking -- Higher dimensions