Information for Postdocs


Below is a summary of the travel reimbursement information for postdocs.

Travel reimbursements

Amy Burgard, KITP Financial Manager, processes travel reimbursements for all postdocs. She can provide forms for both domestic and foreign travel. When you take a trip you can complete the appropriate travel worksheet and bring it to Amy along with all your receipts from the trip (this includes all meal receipts). Please note that there is a per diem limit on meal reimbursements of $62/day. If your travel is for a conference or workshop, she will need a copy of the conference schedule or your invitation letter. If you are claiming mileage for a driving trip, she will need a Google map of your route. 

*Please make sure to sign the form you bring to her.


If needed, we can provide a travel advance for an upcoming trip. Advance requests will be submitted the the Accounting office between 10-30 days before the beginning of the trip. Once the trip has been completed, Amy will need all receipts from the trip in order to close out the advance. If you end up spending less than the amount of the advance, you’ll need to refund that portion of the funds to the University. 

Airfare guidelines

Please do your best to follow the current KITP Airfare Guidelines when booking your flights. 

Travel allowance

Postdocs each have a designated travel allowance, which we track throughout the year. If funds aren’t used in a given year, they will roll over into the next year. 


KITP does not reimburse any membership fees; these are the postdoc's responsibility.


 Please check UCSB's Academic Personnel site for information on benefits. 


Colleagues: All visitors to the Institute must be officially invited by the Director. If you have a colleague whom you wish to invite to KITP for a short visit, you must obtain written approval from the Director in advance of the visit. If possible, the visitor will be given a desk at which to work.

Cost of Living Increases/Merits

Pay raises are based upon UCSB policy. Please see the Chief Administrative Officer regarding merit review eligibility, timelines, procedures, and requirements. 

Annual Report

Every year in May you will be asked to provide the Institute with a written report of your research activities during the preceding year. In addition, you will be asked for an updated publication list.

KITP Facilities

The KITP is a research facility and its space is to be used accordingly. All requests for use of the facilities, other than for research, must be directed to the director.

Office Space

Due to space limitations our postdocs share offices. Please note that the furniture in each office is intended to stay there, and should not be removed. If you require any changes, please see the Chief Administrative Officer.

Technical Manuscripts

All technical manuscripts generated while you are at KITP must be reported to us and must include the KITP's National Science Foundation and other relevant grant acknowledgments. Please make sure this information is accurately included in your manuscripts. Direct questions about acknowledgement and reporting to Susie Groves.


Visa policies are complex and changes occur frequently, so please contact the Visa Specialist as soon as possible if you need a visa or a transfer from another institution in order to work here. You also should be aware that visits to other institutions (and transferring from the KITP at the end of your appointment) may require advance planning. Please contact the Visa Specialist as soon as you begin negotiating a trip!

Shipping Expenses

Upon the completion of your appointment at the KITP, we can ship up to $75 of your scientific books and files to your next institutional address.