Lodging Arrangements for Short (2-4 weeks) Programs - Miniprograms and Workshops

The level of lodging assistance provided by the KITP for short programs is generally determined by the length of the program or workshop, the time of year when the activity is being held, the length of stay of the participant, and whether the participant is coming alone or with family.

Due to the short duration of these programs, many participants will need to arrange to stay either in a hotel or in one of the campus short-stay resources.

If your visit is less than 17 days, you will want to review the following pages and proceed to make your own lodging arrangements:

If your visit is for 17 days or longer, you may complete the Housing Form for Short Programs, and the KITP will try to match you with one of its housing resources.

The following information, which is designed with our longer programs in mind, may be helpful to you; however, you must return to this page to complete the correct form:

Once your Housing Form for Short Programs has been received, you will be directed to a website that describes the types of housing recommended by the KITP. The KITP staff will try to recommend or provide housing that matches your request as closely as possible. However, housing assignments can be affected by many factors, and the staff cannot guarantee to fulfill all requests for certain amenities.

KITP rental assignments are generally finalized quite close to the start of the program. Once it has been confirmed that housing in this category is available for you, you may proceed to make your travel arrangements, even if the specific match is not yet made.  If you have concerns regarding this, please contact the Residence Manager.