Lodging: How Does it Work?

If you will be coming for less than 17 days please go directly to short-term informationotherwise, please submit the Housing Information Form as soon as you accept your invitation. The KITP Housing Coordinator will use the information you provide to us to determine if a suitable housing assignment can be made from the KITP inventory of rentals. Good housing is very scarce in the Santa Barbara area, and in order for us to take advantage of appropriate rental units, we must have as much time as possible to do so. While every effort is made to match visitors with suitable, low-cost housing, it is not always possible to provide a rental from the KITP inventory.

Some lodging offered from our inventory will require advance payment of a deposit and/or rent. Payments must be in the form of cash, check, traveler’s checks or cashier’s check. Credit cards cannot be used to make payments. KITP rental providers do not provide tax identification information to visitors, so if a tax ID is needed by your home institution, then you will need to use a hotel or commercial rental. KITP cannot be responsible for deposit disputes, although the Residence Manager will always try to assist in such cases.

Feel free to contact the Residence Manager with any concerns or questions regarding the housing process or your particular housing status.