Leon Balents Elected to Membership in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Professor Leon Balents was elected as a member of the 238th class of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in April of 2018. His selection, along with two additional UCSB professors, brings the total number of UCSB faculty members named to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to 37.

KITP Permanent Member, Leon Balents. Photo by Matt Perko.

“We are very proud to congratulate Professors Balents, Hawker and Telles, our three newest members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,” said UCSB Chancellor Henry T. Yang. “This election by their peers is a prestigious and meaningful career distinction, attesting to their leadership in advancing research, their devotion to teaching and inspiring others, and their commitment to making a significant contribution to our society.”

Balents, who holds the Pat and Joe Yzurdiaga Chair in Theoretical Physics at UCSB is a permanent member of the KITP. His research focuses on the quantum physics of matter and its implications. His work explains unique phenomena such as magnetism and superconductivity, and guides the search for new materials and their applications to quantum technologies.

“The intellect, creativity and commitment of the 2018 class will enrich the work of the academy and the world in which we live,” said Jonathan Fanton, president of the academy.

- Andrea Estrada, UCSB Public Affairs
KITP Newsletter, Fall 2018