Residence Highlights

The Charles T. Munger Physics Residence officially opened on January 1, 2017 and is always full.
The Residence is designed as a premier living and casual collaborative environment for KITP’s visiting scholars
and was made possible thanks to a $65,000,000 gift from Charlie Munger.

“We loved staying at the KITP Residence. It is a really amazing building with so many nice features and it has definitely felt like our “home” over the last few weeks. The children love going down to the play-room every day (see picture) and they enjoy hearing people playing on the pianos. We have plenty of space in our apartment (the kitchen is larger than our kitchen back home!) and we have also enjoyed using the common areas downstairs.”

- Dr. Louise Parsons Chini, KITP Visitor and Research Assistant Professor of Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland.