Chalk Talks

Friends of KITP have the opportunity to spend an evening four to five times a year with some of the world’s most exciting theoretical physicists, sharing refreshments and conversation about big questions such as how the universe began, how stars and planets form, how the brain works, and where dark matter lurks!

Frequent Chalk Talks allow Friends of KITP to stay current on the latest breakthroughs in science through engaging and informal presentations by KITP’s leading visiting scientists. In keeping with the custom of the academic physics community, these presentations are informal and questions are encouraged during and after the talk.

Chalk Talks Archive

Speaker Event Date Event Title Talks
Mark Bowick September 28, 2017 Fragile Objects: The Hard Science of Soft Matter
Rachel Dutton August 9, 2017 The Science of Cheese
Risa Wechsler July 12, 2017 Mapping the Dark Cosmos
Kaitlin Kratter March 14, 2017 Is there a Tatooine? The three-body problem & beyond
Will Detmold August 31, 2016 The Secret Life of Quarks
Evan Scannapieco July 6, 2016 Why Aren’t the Biggest Galaxies Forming Stars?