Teacher Conferences Archive

Date Coordinators Event Title Online Talks
2019-02-16 Miles Stoudenmire Automating Insight: Pushing the Frontier of Quantum Physics with Machine Learning
2018-02-17 Sidney Nagel Matter of Memory
2017-03-25 Duncan Brown How to catch a gravitational wave: Exploring the universe with LIGO
2016-05-21 Lance Dixon The Higgs Boson & Beyond
2015-02-28 Geoff Marcy Worlds Suited for Biology: The Search for Life in the Universe
2014-02-15 Cristina Marchetti The Physics of Flocking: From Cells to Crowds
2013-03-02 Birgitta Whaley A New Quantum Era
2012-01-14 Sankar Das Sarma Graphene
2011-02-26 Boris Shraiman Physics and Biology: Evolution of Life and Evolution of Science
2010-03-27 Adam Burrows Planets Beyond the Solar System: The New Astronomical Revolution
2009-05-16 Mikhail Ivanov Light Meets Matter: Atoms and Lasers
2008-05-31 James Wells Particle Physics in the Age of the Large Hadron Collider
2007-03-17 Lars Bildsten Forging the Elements and Probing the Universe with Stars
2006-03-25 David D. Awschalom Nanoscience and Quantum Computing: The flow of electronic spin and the coming quantum computer revolution
2002-10-05 Lawrence M. Krauss The State of the Universe
2001-05-05 Gary T. Horowitz String Theory: Is it the Theory of Everything? What are the Building Blocks of the Universe?
2000-08-19 Matthew P.A. Fisher, Douglas J. Scalapino High Temperature Superconductivity: What Is It?
1999-02-06 Omer Blaes, Roger David Blandford, Douglas M. Eardley, Jean-Pierre Lasota Black Holes: Fact and Fiction