Popular Hotels

Notes: Prices and terms are subject to change without notice. For most hotels, you must call the local (805) number for these in order to receive UCSB/KITP discounts.  N.B.: With nearly all local motels, there are some dates during the year (such as UCSB graduation weekend in June or during Old Spanish Days festival in August) when rates may be substantially higher.

For visits of 5 days or longer, West Cottages offers economical rates well below full-service motels but with (shared) cooking and laundry facilities. (KITP will reimburse a bicycle rental in addition to the normal per diem.)

For visits of 7 days or longer,  Extended StayAmerica offers economical weekly rates for studios with kitchenette and on-site laundry facilities. 

Some of the full-service motels below offer discounts for stays of 7 days or more off-season.