Quantum Magnetism in Novel Materials and Geometries

Coordinators: Daniil I. Khomskii, Warren E. Pickett, George A. Sawatzky, Rajiv R.P. Singh

This ITP program was motivated by the synthesis and investigation of a large number of new magnetic materials, which have in turn led to tremendous theoretical activity, ranging from statistical mechanics and quantum field theory to quantum chemistry and materials physics. The program focused on, but was not limited to, spin-gap materials, spin-Peierls materials, colossal magnetoresistive materials, half-metallics, frustrated magnets and nanomagnetic materials. Collaborations and new research directions were expected to emerge from interactions between practitioners of statistical mechanics and many-body theory, electronic structure and local density approximation, quantum chemistry and those studying magnetic storage and magneto-transport devices. We also hoped to have experimentalists present in some detail the status of novel materials, experimental probes, quantum tunelling and \'spin-electronics\' devices, so as to stimulate further theoretical work in these directions.