Role of the KITP Advisory Board

KITP Advisory Board

Composition of the Advisory Board

  • Makeup of the Advisory Board:  There are approximately 17 members of the advisory board. Each member is appointed for a 3-year term that begins on September 1. Chairs and Co-Chairs serve for an extra year (4 years total). Members of the board may only serve for one term.
  • Selection of new board members:  Each year the Director receives suggestions for new members to replace those rotating off the board.  Suggestions are solicited from the current board, from the local executive committee, and from coordinators of KITP programs from the past 5 years. The Director selects from among these suggestions  (and others at his/her own discretion). 
  • Chair and Co-Chair: The Advisory Board selects its Chair and Co-Chair from among the members of the Advisory Board who are in their second year on the board. The Chair and Co-Chair serve in their respective capacities during their third year on the board, and stay on the board for a final fourth year to enhance institutional memory[1].  The Co-Chair is ineligible to serve as Chair during his or her 4th year on the board.

Function of the Advisory Board

  • Understand the overall functioning of the KITP, advise when changes are proposed, and suggest changes when needed.
  • Advise on basic policies for programs and conferences.
  • Advise on proposals for new Programs and Conferences, including (but not limited to): intellectual content, program coordinators, and organization.  The board can initiate new programs, solicit proposals, and modify proposals.
  • Review renewal proposals.

Annual Cycle of the Board's Activities

  • Fall: Board members solicit suggestions for new Programs, and may provide advice to those writing program proposals.
  • January or February: A full meeting of the Advisory Board is held at the KITP for about 1.5 days.   Past and current programs are discussed, as is the schedule for future programs.  The Advisory Board meets in executive session for part of the meeting.  Most of the meeting is focused on program development.  Proposals can be rejected, modified, and/or endorsed.
  • May or June Program Approval Meeting: This is a conference call to make final decisions about the proposed programs. It will be scheduled so that the  Advisory Board Chair, Co-Chair and Discipline Sub-Committee Chairs can attend. However, all Advisory Board members are welcome to join the call.

[1] New members should be made aware that they will be asked to help select a new Chair and Co-Chair at the first January meeting that they attend.

Last Updated: October 24, 2019