Guest Quarters/Apartments

"Guest quarters" consist of privately owned rental units scattered throughout the area. There are different types, as described below. Most have been rented primarily to KITP visitors for several years.

"Guest cottages" are smaller, separate units, either ‘studio’ style, or with a bedroom, living area, bathroom, and a kitchenette. The kitchenette can be part of the living area or behind folding doors. A kitchenette may have a stove, but usually has just a microwave, coffee maker, small refrigerator and a sink area. "Guest apartments" are similar, but are attached to the main house or garage.

Guest units are generally a bit farther from campus and sometimes require the use of a car. Prices range from about $1,600 (not too many of these, and not always the best quality) to $2,600 per month. Guest units suitable for housing couples or for hosting overnight guests will cost more than those suitable for a single person.

Some units have special amenities, such as views. All guest quarters are fully furnished, including linens, towels and dishes. Some, but not all, have a telephone. Very few have TV. Some, but not all, have internet access. We cannot guarantee an assignment that includes internet access.

Guest units are generally not available for less than a full month's rental.

FOR VISITS OF LESS THAN TWO MONTHS (e.g. 45 days), YOU MUST PLAN TO PAY THE ENTIRE RENT WHEN YOU ARRIVE   (in the form of cashiers check or travelers checks - cash is OK but we do not recommend that you travel with cash). These are individual private homeowners, who cannot accept a credit card for payment.

NOTE: KITP rental providers do not provide tax identification numbers to renters. If you are expecting reimbursement from your home institution, please check whether a tax ID number will be required for this. If it is, then you will need to rent something that is not in the KITP rental inventory.

Note that you are expected to pay for the dates indicated on your housing request. If you shorten your visit, then you are expected to pay the rent for the dates you gave, unless the Housing Coordinator can replace you with another renter. If your visit is extended (and there is space for you), then additional rent will be paid by you.

**Note: If you indicated ‘No’ to the smoking question on your housing application then it is expected that you do not smoke at all, even outside your housing. Rental providers with non-smoking rentals do not want the smell of smoke on renters’ clothes, or smoking materials discarded in or around their rental. If you did indicate ‘no’ to smoking, and then you do smoke, you will be asked to move out immediately, probably to a hotel or motel.

Please also be aware that Santa Barbara and Goleta (including the UCSB campus) are located in a relatively moist seaside area, adjacent to brush-covered mountains. Virtually no KITP rental will be completely free of small creatures, such as spiders, ants, or the occasional beetle or even a mouse. Local residents tend to be quite environmentally conscious, and very few will use, or allow use of, pesticide sprays in their homes. They will use a mouse trap when needed, or clean surfaces to eliminate ant trails, etc. But if you require a really 'bug-free' environment, then you may need to consider using a hotel or motel instead of a private rental.