Rooms in Homes

One of the most popular types of rentals that we have are rooms for rent in private homes for $38/$50 per day (there is a minimum rental payment for periods of 21 days or less). Most are not in walking distance, but they are often in bicycling distance (3 to 4 miles), and the landlords sometimes (not always) provide bikes. (If a bike is not provided, one can be rented at a reasonable cost.) Most are also accessible by city bus. Some landlords rent only one room; some rent to more than one visitor at a time. Most rooms in private homes are not suitable for “overnight guests,” including spouses. None are suitable for dinner parties or other such gatherings.

These rentals provide a room with a bed and often a desk. Also included are linens, towels and most (but not all) include access to the kitchen and laundry facilities. Please be aware that rooms in private homes are suitable for light cooking, not lots of serious cooking or cooking late at night.

The rental provider will not wash dishes, provide rides for shopping or to the campus or airport, or to do your laundry or cook for visitors. If you prefer to have cleaning services, you should use a full-service hotel, not a room in a private home.

Most (but not all) include use of a telephone; you pay long distance charges. Most room rental providers ask that you use a calling card or credit card for long distance calls. Prepaid calling cards can be purchased at the UCSB bookstore. Some, but not all, provide internet access. We cannot guarantee an assignment that includes internet access.

Some providers also ask for a deposit of about $100, to be held until the phone bill arrives and shows no long distance charges. If you are coming from overseas, and cashing a U.S. check is a problem, then the deposit can be given in the form of a cashier’s or traveler’s check to be held uncashed and returned to you when appropriate.

There is a minimum rental payment required for any period of 21 days or less. It is expected that rent will be paid upon arrival for at least the first month (unless the minimum is applicable).FOR VISITS OF LESS THAN TWO MONTHS (e.g. 45 days), YOU MUST PLAN TO PAY THE ENTIRE RENT WHEN YOU ARRIVE   (in the form of cashiers check or travelers checks - cash is OK but we do not recommend that you travel with cash). These are individual private homeowners, who cannot accept a credit card for payment.  

NOTE: KITP rental providers do not provide tax identification numbers to renters. If you are expecting reimbursement from your home institution, please check whether a tax ID number will be required for this. If it is, then you will need to rent something that is not in the KITP rental inventory.

Note that you are expected to pay for the dates indicated on your housing request. If you shorten your visit, then you are expected to pay the rent for the dates you gave, unless the Housing Coordinator can replace you with another renter. If your visit is extended (and there is space for you), then additional rent will be paid by you.

The owners of these rooms have typically rented to KITP folks for many years, and the people who have used them have seemed to like them very much. We generally do not have rooms (or other rentals) within walking distance. However, most are close to bike paths and bus stops, making for easy travel to UCSB. Some, however, are farther away in Santa Barbara, making a car more convenient for travel.