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Rentals on the Web - Vacation Rentals

Note: The sites referenced on this page are provided for your convenience based upon feedback from previous visitors.   KITP does not endorse  any site. In the event that an online rental provider asks you to wire money to secure a rental, please inform KITP. You should not wire money to a provider who is not known to -- or cannot be verified by -- us.

For both short-term & long-term visits, do-it-yourselfers might try some of the house listing services available on the web. Vacation rentals are typically priced weekly and are rather expensive, but they sometimes discount 10% or so if rented by the month.

Rental Location Agents

Tired of looking yourself? These agencies will search for lodging for your dates with your specified requirements. (They get a commission from the renter, so there are no direct charges to you.)