Housing and Financial Support

Most long-term visitors and some short-term visitors will stay in the KITP Residence, with their lodging expenses direct-billed to KITP. All residence apartments have full kitchens and full private bathrooms. For those who stay outside the residence, because of capacity limitations or personal preference, we will reimburse lodging expenses up to the amount specified in their invitation letters and the Residence Manager will help find an appropriate placement.  For those who need extra resources in order to bring dependent relatives, the Family Fund can provide extra assistance. Under no circumstances can we advance funds.

Our Residence Manager helps all confirmed participants (including affiliates) who are staying three workweeks or longer to find suitable housing. Participants must complete the online housing questionnaire well in advance of their visits as several factors, including length of stay and the presence of family members, affect availability. The Residence Manager will place short-term visitors in the residence when possible, provided they participate for at least a full business week. When this isn't possible, short-term participants must arrange their own lodging.

Our travel budget is very limited. We ask visitors, if at all possible, to supply travel costs from their own resources. However, if that is impossible, the invitee can explain briefly why and apply for travel support using a short web-based application form. Information on travel to KITP may be found on our website. KITP staff do not make arrangements for participant travel, nor can we make advances for travel expenses.