Summary Report

We require program coordinators to submit a summary report, ideally within 2 months of your program's conclusion. The report describes the program's most important scientific accomplishments. KITP scientific staff, our advisory board, and grant review panels will read it. Gear it toward scientists who are not specialists in your field.

The report can be brief. It should include the following:

  1. The program's goals and its accomplishments on each theme
  2. A list of projects that participants worked on and new collaborations formed
  3. A review of your efforts at achieving participation by groups underrepresented in physics
  4. Suggestions that could improve future programs or assist future coordinators
  5. General discussion of the program's success
  6. A list of manuscripts completed or in progress (KITP compiles such a list, but coordinators are often aware of ones we aren't.)
  7. If your program had an associated conference, please include a brief report on that activity, in particular the conference's scientific impact on the program.

KITP will append a list of participants and their periods of residence, demographic data, and a list of the program's talks.

Participant activity reports are your primary tool for gathering the data you need for the report. Each participant should submit one at, but you will need to remind them! Submitted activity reports appear weekly on your coordinators' data site; the link is at the bottom of the page. The Director's Assistant emails each week's departing visitors a request to submit the report, but it's more powerful if *you* make the request periodically.

Exemplar summary reports:

Thank you for your efforts. The report is crucial for evaluating our programs, for our continued funding, and for improving our operations for future programs!