High School Enrichment Program

ExperimentHow can you relate topics at the far frontiers of physics to students' everyday experience in their physics classes?  The KITP has an answer.

The KITP High School Enrichment Program (HSEP) provides opportunities for KITP postdocs and graduate fellows to present cutting-edge concepts in physics to local high school physics classes.

A typical presentation consists of 25-30 minutes of talk and physics activity plus 15 minutes devoted to discussion and direct student interaction and discussion. The "talk" is not just talking -- it is usually enlivened by student activity, tabletop experiments or demonstrations, handouts and diversions that engage students. (A longer format of 45 minutes of talk/activity + 30 minutes discussion is available for some topics.)

 Sample topics:

  • Resonance and how particles are detected
  • Quantum mechanics in your hand-held devices: Tunneling, semiconductors, and exotic quantum materials on the horizon
  • Detecting exoplanets
  • Simulating evolution in the computer
  • Using string theory to make discoveries in math
  • Fluids in motion: from your kitchen to the distant stars
  • The physics of neurons and memory

If you are interested in the program, please contact Maggie Sherriffs at (805) 893-6332.