Joe's Big Book of String

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Joe's Big Book of String

(Boring official title: String Theory)
Available from Cambridge University Press.

1 A first look at strings
2 Conformal field theory
3 The Polyakov path integral
4 The string spectrum
5 The string S-matrix
6 Tree-level amplitudes
7 One-loop amplitudes
8 Toroidal compactification and T-duality
9 Higher order amplitudes
Appendix A: A short course on path integrals

Volume Two, Superstring Theory and Beyond

10 Type I and type II superstrings
11 The heterotic string
12 Superstring interactions
13 D-branes
14 Strings at strong coupling
15 Advanced CFT
16 Orbifolds
17 Calabi--Yau compactification
18 Physics in four dimensions
19 Advanced topics
Appendix B: Spinors and SUSY in various dimensions


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