Postdoc tips

Tips for new postdocs

If you are a new postdoc in our group, please contact Craig Kunimoto to be added to the KITP lunch email list.  This email list is used for communication among the string and gravity group members.
There are some informal activities:

  • Tea time gathering at Broida.  3 pm on every Monday at Broida 6204.
  • Tea time gathering at KITP.  3:15 pm, Monday to Friday except those Tuesdays with physics department colloquia.  Usually takes place in the KITP commons room.
  • Postdoc tea. 5pm every Friday at KITP

Ask your friend for more info on these informal activities.
If you are a new member of the group, please make sure to be on the KITP lunch email list.

The postdoc email list for postdocs at the UCSB physics department may be useful, too.

Last updated on May 29, 2010. 
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