Events & Activities

David Gross with Stephen HawkingActivities include sold-out presentations at Santa Barbara’s historic Lobero Theater by Brian Greene on The Elegant Universe, and by Nobel Laureate David Gross with his friend Stephen Hawking on Inside the Science and Ceremony of the 2004 Nobel Prize, elegant receptions in private homes with distinguished scientists, private command performances at the Ensemble Theater of physics-themed Proof and Humble Boy, public lectures and interactive Chalk Talks at the KITP.




Year Events
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Eberhard Bodenschatz, Why Face Masks Work 
  • CHALK TALK by Giuseppe Mussardo, Generalized Riemann Hypothesis and Brownian Motion
  • CAFÉ KITP by Zhu-Xi Luo, Generating Entanglement Through Measurements: A Time to Tear Down and a Time to Build
  • BOOK TALK by Nicole Yunger Halpern, Quantum Steampunk: The Physics of Yesterday's Tomorrow
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Richard Neher, Lessons From Other Viruses: How Pandemics Start and End 
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Pascale Garaud, Stars: The Ultimate Laboratory for Modern Physics 
  • CHALK TALK by Laure Zanna, Oceans in a Warming Climate
  • BIG IDEAS by May Gade Pedersen, Stellar Symphonies to Stellar Interiors
  • BOOK TALK by Patrick McCray, Making Art Work: Art and Technology in the Age of Apollo
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Carlo Rovelli, Where Does Matter That Falls into a Black Hole Go?
  • CHALK TALK by Ahmed Almheiri, Is Information Thrown into a Black Hole Lost Forever? Resolving Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Information Paradox​
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Cumrun Vafa, The String Landscape, the Swampland, and Our Universe
  • CHALK TALK by Raphael Flauger, Our Quantum Universe​
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by K. Birgitta Whaley, The Renaissance of Quantum Biology
  • BIG IDEAS by Ken Van Tilburg, What is the Nature of Dark Matter?
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Ted Jacobson, The Radiant Universe: The Story of Electromagnetic Waves
  • BIG IDEAS by Noah Mitchell, The Physics of Form in Living Matter
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Marc Mezard, Artificial intelligence: success, limits, myths and threats
  • CHALK TALK by Ana Bonaca, Uncovering the nature of dark matter with stellar streams in the Milky Way
  • CHALK TALK by Aomawa Shields, The Climates of Other Worlds: Searching for the Next Habitable Planet
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Wojciech Zurek, Quantum Theory of the Classical
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Raman Sundrum, Fundamental Physics and the Fifth Dimension​
  • CHALK TALK by Roser Valenti, All But Frustrating: When Quantum Materials Meet Topology
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Jairo Sinova, From Magnetic Cats to Artificial Intelligence: the Circular Technological Revolution of Spintronics​
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Sidney Nagel, Impact and Intrusion
  • CHALK TALK by Douglas Jerolmack, The Physics of Debris Flows: Making the Montecito Mudslides

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Asimina Arvanitaki, Novel Directions in the Search for New Physics

  • CHALK TALK by Alex Drlica-Wagner, Small Galaxies, Big Science: Probing Fundamental Physics with Dwarf Galaxies

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Stephen Belcher, New Challenges for Climate Science Following the Paris Agreement 

  • CHALK TALK by Sam Stevenson, Megadrought, Extreme El Nino, and California's Climate Future

  • CHALK TALK by James Liao, The Tao of Fish Swimming

  • CHALK TALK by Rahul Nandkishore, Quantum Glass

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Stephen Shenker, Chaos, Black Holes and Quantum Mechanics​

  • CHALK TALK by Louis Kauffman, Revolutions in Knots, Braids and Physics​

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Nigel Goldenfeld, Beyond Chaos: The Continuing Enigma of Turbulence
  • CHALK TALK by Kaitlin Kratter, Is there a Tatooine? The three-body problem & beyond

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Saul Teukolsky, Black Holes and Gravitational Waves -- Was Einstein Right?

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by A. James Hudspeth, How Hearing Happens

  • CHALK TALK by Risa Wechsler, Mapping the Dark Cosmos

  • CHALK TALK by Rachel Dutton, The Science of Cheese

  • CHALK TALK by Mark Bowick, Fragile Objects: The Hard Science of Soft Matter

  • CHALK TALK by Greg Huber, Alien Technology 101: From Cells to Neutron Stars

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Curt G. Callan, The Biological Future of Theoretical Physics
  • CHALK TALK by Eleni Katifori, Detangling the vascular web: Loops, hierarchies, and the quest for Nature’s design principles

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Zvi Bern, Do I have to draw you a diagram? A tale of quantum gravity

  • CHALK TALK by Evan Scannapieco, Why Aren’t the Biggest Galaxies Forming Stars?

  • CHALK TALK by Will Detmold, The Secret Life of Quarks

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Immanuel Bloch, Realizing Feynman's Dream of a Quantum Simulator

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Conny Aerts, KITP Starquakes and Exoplanets in the Milky Way
  • CHALK TALK by Eric Agol, Exoplanet Dynamics: What We Know from Kepler

  • CHALK TALK by Ted Jacobson, A Century of Black Holes: Enigmas, Insights and Paradoxes

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Andreas Kronfeld, KITP Weight, Weight... Do Tell Me!: QCD and the Origin of Mass

  • CHALK TALK by Roger Melko, Tanglin' with Entanglement

  • CHALK TALK by Anushya Chandran, Getting Stuck: Shaking Up Statistical Physics

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Brad Marston, The Quantum Physics of Global Warming
  • CHALK TALK by Anthony Starace, Atto-Physics: Observing Matter on its Natural Timescale

  • CHALK TALK by James Stone, From Accreting Black Holes to Merging Galaxies: How Computers are Revolutionizing Astrophysics

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Theo Geisel, Rhythms & Algorithms ~ Physics and Music

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Cristina Marchetti, The Physics of Flocking

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Daniel Fisher, Evolution be Understood Quantitatively
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Joe Polchinski, Gravity and Quantum Mechanics, the Quest for Unification

  • CHALK TALK by Paula Apsell, The Art of Science Television

  • LCOGT LECTURE @ Natural History Museum, Shrinivas Kulkarne , Booms, Burps and Bangs – the Dynamic Universe

  • CHALK TALK by  Gianfranco Bertone;  Behind the Scenes of the Universe, the World-wide Race to Discover Dark Matter

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Eric F. Wieschaus, On Growth and Form of the Embryo: From Gene Expression to Tissue Mechanics

  • CHALK TALK   by Priya Natarajan. From Fasting to Feasting - The Strange Feeding Habits of Black Holes

  • CHALK TALK   by Jim McElwaine. The Dynamics of Avalanches

  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Stuart Parkin. The Spin on Electronics! -- The nanoscience and nanotech of spin currents


  • CHALK TALK by Steven White, What Do Climate Modeling and Quantum Mechanics have in Common?
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Diana Kormos Buchwald, Worshipped Today, Scorned Tomorrow, Albert Einstein & the Perils of Public Engagement.
  • Las Cumbres Observatory Lecture at the NHM by John E. Carlstrom, Exploring the Universe from the South Pole
  • CHALK TALK by Patrick Brady, How to Detect Ripples in Spacedtime
  • CHALK TALK by Steven White, What Do Climate Modeling and Quantum Mechanics Have in Common?
  • Lawrence Badash Lecture by Chris Mooney, The Republican Brain on Science.
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Leo Kouwenhoven, Holland, Particle Physics on a Chip –The Search for Majorana Fermions
  • GLUON Holiday event for top 3 Friends Circles


  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Prof. Bonnie Bassler How Bacteria Talk With Each Other
  • Rapid Response Talk on nuclear crisis in Japan
  • PUBLIC LECTURE Life After Stellar Death by Ed van den Heuvel
  • CHALK TALK The Environmental Impact of Black Holes by Christopher Reynolds
  • Star Party at Sedgwick Reserve hosted by LCOGT for Galileo & Einstein Friends Circles
  • KITP Art Exhibit Opening and Reception for SciArt 2011 with Peter Frank
  • Las Cumbres Observatory Lecture How Did the First Stars and Galaxies Form? By Avi Loeb
  • CHALK TALK by David Kaplan Particle Fever at the LHC
  • CHALK TALK by Bill Bialek More Perfect Than we Imagined: A Physicist’s View of Life
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Sean Hartnoll
  • Private reception at KITP for Steve Koonin sponsored by IEE and NOVIM  (top Circles)
  • CHALK TALK by Gregory Dobler A Light in the Dark: the Pursuit of the Nature of Dark Matter
  • PUBLIC LECTURE presented by Sir Paul M. Nurse, Nobel Laureate The Great Ideas of Biology
  • “Copenhagen” @ Ensemble Theater reading with Gross & Heeger:  top 3 Circles
  • Special lecture on Sustainable Energy by David J.C. MacKay  (top Circles)
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Adam Burroughs   The New Century of Exoplanets
  • CHALK TALK by Lars Bildsten   Exploding Stars!
  • Las Cumbres Observatory Lecture presented by Robert C. Kennicutt, Jr.
  • CHALK TALK by Chuck Stevens   How Computers and the Brain are the Same and Different, and How Physics Can Help Explain This
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Bill Philips, Nobel Laureate  Time, Einstein, and the Coolest Stuff in the Universe
  • Rosing Raab Chair Inaugural Lecture by Lars Bildsten   Exploding Stars!
  • Friends of KITP Annual GLUON event privately hosted  (top Circles)
  • PUBLIC LECTURE presented by Sankar Das Sarma Quantum Reality
  • CHALK TALK presented by Douglas Heggie The Million Body Problem
  • Luncheon Honoring Bill Bryson for A Short History of Nearly Everything
  • PUBLIC LECTURE presented by Maria Spiropulu The Universe in Collisions
  • LCO Lecture presented by David Spergel at NHM Taking the Universe’s Baby Picture
  • CHALK TALK by Richard Neher   Sex, Viruses, and the Statistical Physics of Evolution
  • Inaugural Lecture for Susan F. Gurley Chair in Theoretical Physics and Biology by Boris Shraiman   Adventures at the Edge of Physics
  • Celebrating Galileo’s 400th at Natural History Museum   Galileo, the Universe and God
  • Algorist and Origami 2009 Art Opening
  • Friends of KITP annual GLUON event privately hosted   (top Circles)
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Nima Arkani-Hamed Exploring the Dark Universe
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Patrick McCray: Citizen Scientists and the Dawn of the Space Age
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Sam Wang Welcome to Your Brain
  • Las Cumbres Observatory Lecture presented by Andrea Ghez: Unveiling a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
  • CHALK TALK by Journalist in Residence Jennifer Ouellette and Sean Carroll (Caltech)    I’ll have that with some physics please…hosted by Simon and Diana Raab
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Robert Dijkgraff Mathematics and the Quantum Universe
  • Art Exhibit Opening Reception and Lecture  Algorists 2008
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Michael Freedman  Topology, Physics and Complexity
  • CHALK TALK by Juna Kollmeier, The Great Escape: Hypervelocity Stars
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Julian Nott – Scientist & Aeronaut - Intellectual Courage and Scientific Ballooning
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Robert Kirshner – Einstein’s Blunder Undone: the discovery of cosmic acceleration
  • A special evening with Bob Kirshner at Derek and Beth Westen’s home
  • Alex Philippenko: LCO Lecture “Dark Energy & the Runaway Universe
  • Art Exhibit Opening & Reception for Nancy Macko’s Prime Matters; brief talks
  • Gluck private dinner for Fred Kavli’s 80th birthday
  • CHALK TALK by Tom Abel : First Things in the Universe
  • FRIENDS OF KITP first annual GLUON reception hosted by Westens with short presentations by KITP scientists
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Nate Lewis: Challenges for Global Energy
  • CHALK TALK by Lars Bildsten and Phil Arras on The Physics of California with reception
  • Group Show 2006 Opening & Reception with talks by artists: Hans Dehlinger, Channa Horwitz, Roman Verostko and J-P Hebert
  • CHALK TALK by Matthew Fisher Quantum Crystals, Quantum Choreography and Quantum Computing and reception
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by John Preskill Putting Weirdness to Work: Quantum Information Science
  • LCO Lecture at SB Natural History Museum by Alan Dressler “Search for Another Earth”
  • PUBLIC LECTURE at KITP by Alain Karma "Bringing Order to Chaotic Hearts"
  • Friends’ Open House for SB Newcomers at KITP
  • Tom Siegfried, award winning science writer, new book reception on Game Theory and Why Even Ducks Can Do It -  for top 2 Friends Circles and guests
  • Harvard’s Lisa Randall at the Lobero Theater presents Warped Passages-Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimension followed by reception
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Arnold J. Levine “Genetic Predispositions for Cancer in Humans” followed by reception at KITP
  • David Gross presents “Inside the 2004 Nobel Prize in Physics”, introduced by Stephen Hawking at the Lobero Theater, followed by reception
  • Mara Vishniac Kohn opens “Once Invisible – Photomicrographs by Roman Vishniac” and reception at KITP
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Lawrence Badash “Albert Einstein the Peacenik” followed by reception at KITP
  • CHALK TALK by Tony Zee “Folding RNA” followed by reception at KITP
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Daniel McCleese “The Search for Habitable Environments in the Solar System” followed by reception at KITP
  • Friends of KITP open house for SB Newcomers at KITP
  • Command Performance of “Humble Boy” at the Ensemble Theater
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Sir Michael Atiya on The Nature of Space
  • CHALK TALK by David Morrison, Senior Scholar at the Clay Institute; Duke University (interactive follow up on Atiyah’s public lecture)
  • JPL Private Tour and dinner for top two Friends Circles with JPL’s Dan McCleese
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Charles Beichman “Finding Planets & Searching for Life: Worthy Goals for 21st Century Science” followed by reception at KITP
  • CHALK TALK by Joe Polchinski “Cosmic Superstrings” followed by reception at KITP
  • Bill Bialek presents “Thinking About the Brain” – private event at Ginnie Hunter’s home with reception
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Bill Bialek “From Photons to perception: a Physicist Looks at the Brain” followed by reception at KITP
  • ‘Future of Physics’ private reception with Fred Kavli for distinguished scientists and community guests
  • Dedication Ceremony for new wing with Michael Turner, Fred Gluck, Fred Kavli and Chancellor Yang, followed by reception and tours of building
  • ‘Future of Physics’ Conference opening dinner at Cabrillo Arts Center
  • Installation of “Odalisque” sculpture by John Rose, KITP reception; dinner with sculptor
  • “The Physics of Star Trek” private event with Lawrence Krauss; Light refreshments; dinner for invited guests at Gluck’s home
  • Exclusive performance at Ensemble Theater of Proof by David Auburn, winner of Pulitzer and Tony awards; reception
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Boris Kayser “Neutrinos Get Under Your Skin” followed by reception at KITP
  • Groundbreaking ceremony for new wing & reception
  • PUBLIC LECTURE by Arnold J. Levine “The Human Genome Project, Where Do We Go From Here?” followed by reception at KITP
  • CHALK TALK by Lars Bildsten “The Birth, Life and Death of Stars” preceded by reception on patio at KITP
  • Art opening reception for “Fields on Paper” and public lecture by artist-in-residence Jean-Pierre Hebert at KITP
  • Private dinner for Stephen Hawking;  bestowing  Honorary Friend
  • Private dinner for Brian Greene / String Theory at Westen’s home
  • Brian Greene presents “The Elegant Universe” at the Lobero Theater, with references to NOVA programs, reception followed and presented him with Honorary Friend