Lifetime Investors in KITP


Lifetime Investors


$50,000,000 or more

Charles T. Munger


$20,000,000 or more

The Kavli Foundation and Fred Kavli* H’05


$5,000,000 or more

Gordon E. and Betty L. Moore Foundation

The Simons Foundation


$1,000,000 or more


David and Carolyn Brown

Carl P. Feinberg

Frederick and Linda Gluck

John “Gus” and Meg Gurley ‘78, ‘83

Dr. Ann and Myron* Rice

Deborah and Douglas Troxel

Joe* and Patricia Yzurdiaga


$500,000 or more

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Heising-Simons Foundation

Dr. Simon and Diana Raab

Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree

Dr. Dorothy Largay and Wayne Rosing


$100,000 or more

Joseph and Lambertha “Tunny” Alibrandi

Glenn and Bettina Duval ‘80

American Committee for the Weizman Institute of Science

Dr. Joseph Polchinski* and Dr. Dorothy Chun

Culler Scientific Systems Corporation

IBM Corporation

The Institute for Advanced Study

Stuart and Hannelore Mabon

John* and Betty Stephens*

Claudia and Alec Webster ‘75/76