KITP Two Bedroom Units

KITP has the use of four UCSB Storke I Campus Family Student Housing two-bedroom apartments.

The FSH Storke I units are very close to campus (about 1.25 mile, or 2.08 km from KITP) in a complex intended primarily for students with families. It is not within reasonable walking distance of grocery stores – however, the #25 bus can be taken from Storke Campus to stores on Hollister Avenue in Goleta.

There is one parking space for each unit in an open air parking lot - no covered parking is available. There is no charge for the residential parking permit (get this permit when you check into the apartment upon arrival), however, there *is* a fee for parking on the UCSB campus.

Some units are single-story at ground level, some are two-story at ground level, the rest are two-story and located upstairs above another unit. One of the units has a unit located above it. The units have two small bedrooms (in feet, 10 by 10.5 and 10 by 9), one bath, a fully equipped (small) kitchen, living room (no TV) and a phone. There is a queen bed in one bedroom, adult size twin bunk beds in the other, and a folding crib for babies. Also provided are bureaus, living room couch, dining table and lamps. Kitchens have a microwave oven and coffeemaker. There is a laundry room in the complex with credit/debit card operated machines. The units are clean and serviceable and are fully furnished with linens for the beds and crib, towels, cooking gear, dishes, etc. (Note that there is no maid or housecleaning service. Visitors are expected to keep the units clean and to regularly launder the bed linens and towels.)

Note that pets of any kind are NOT allowed in any campus housing.

Some information about units at Storke I can be found at:

*However*, the descriptions and prices on this page refer to *unfurnished* units, offered only to graduate students. The KITP units are fully furnished:

You are responsible for a phone charge for basic service (about $20 per month) and long distance charges (plus tax) are billed to you. (KITP pays the phone bill when we receive it and then forwards it to you, asking you to reimburse KITP.) In order to dial out you must dial "8" first. (Further information about phone service, including rates, can be found in the telephone service information booklet provided in your FSH arrival packet, or at the UCSB Communications Services webpage at:



The KITP Storke units now have wireless internet access through the UCSB ResNet service. Please  check your information packet on arrival for password and instructions.

For more information about ResNet, see the ResNet website at:


The units are “cable ready” if you should wish to contract for cable TV service. The Residence Manager can explain how to do this and how to rent a television.


Please be aware that the phones in the FSH units are maintained and paid for by KITP. We receive the phone bills about 2 months in arrears (e.g., the bill for January would be received in March). We pay the bill and then forward it to you for reimbursement. If you prefer to pay your bills before you leave here, then you should use a calling card for your long-distance calls. You can then just pay the basic service fee before you leave and not worry about long-distance calls. Also, many calling cards will offer a less expensive rate than the UCSB residential phones.

The telephone service in the KITP FSH Campus apartments are 'measured rate' phone lines. Visitors should *not* use their apartment telephone line for internet access – if they do so they will accumulate a large phone bill!

For information about after-school programs and childcare, please see the KITP Childcare page. There is also a playground for children.

These apartment units are primarily designed for one and two year occupancy by UCSB students with families. The KITP has four units for use by our visitors, which the FSH management allows us to rent on a daily basis. The complex is managed as an apartment complex, not as a hotel. There is no maid service or weekend/after-hours desk service. I have prevailed upon FSH management to eliminate the deposit requirement for KITP visitors.

In order to preserve the "no-deposit" policy, KITP visitors must keep the unit clean. The unit must be vacuumed periodically. Spills must be immediately cleaned up, especially on the carpet, to prevent staining. There are vacuums and brooms in a closet in each unit and other cleaning supplies can be obtained at no cost from the custodian.

You must contact the FSH custodial service to check the unit a few days before your departure. They provide four hours of cleaning at no charge to get the unit ready for the next KITP visitor. Any excessive cleaning will be billed to you at an hourly rate. At the walk-through you are informed whether the unit is within the four hour cleaning range, and what you must do if it is not. It is your responsibility to contact the Custodial Supervisor to arrange for this visit, no later than one week prior to your departure. You will receive a sheet with custodial contact information at check-in.

When you vacate you must strip the beds - FSH staff will launder the linens and towels for you. All dishes *must* be washed and *all* food and trash *must* be removed. Otherwise you will be billed for custodial staff to take care of these.