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KITP Fall 2023 Newsletter

The Fall 2023 KITP Newsletter is now available!
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40 Years of Science at KITP

The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) at UC Santa Barbara is the foremost scientific research facility for theorists in physics and allied fields to explore new ideas and to work together intensely on questions at the leading edges of science. Since its origin in 1979, KITP’s driving force has been the exploration and promotion of new areas of scientific study. (read more)

Waves of Change: KITP collaborators create a computational framework for fluid dynamics

The 2014 Wave-Flows program at the KITP was the ideal place to formulate Dedalus, an open-source computational framework that solves intricate classes of problems accurately and efficiently. Potential applications for Dedalus include fluid, chemical, radiation and biological transport problems in stars, planets, and laboratories.