Work in SB

I live and work in Santa Barbara, in an institute by the sea (see painting by R. Dijkgraaf.) Here is a picture of me visiting the "real" Santa Barbara several years ago.

This is not a picture of my head.

``We say to every moment 'Verweile doch,
du bist so schšn',
and if we are not immediately damned, the stars move still, time runs,
the clock will strike.
But it is open to us to regret each minute as it passes."
...... Goethe via Byatt 

"Wait a while, you are so beautiful!" 

"Verweile doch, du bist so schšn."

"Gray, dear friend, are all theories,
And green is the golden tree of life." 
........ Goethe via Dyson 

"Grau, tenerer freund, ist alle Theorie,
Und grŸn des Lebens Goldner Baum"