Mysteries of Life and the Universe

"A bonanza of original science essays by top names in the field" ... Kirkus Review

"Scientific writing at its very best --- lucid, humorous, profound" ... The Wall Street Journal

"(The book) passed my "acid test" for a great book: I read it at the beach. I can't remember any other science book for which I could say the same." ... R. J. Sternberg, professor of psychology and education, Yale University

I was invited by Bill Shore to contribute to an anthology of "new essays from America's finest writers on science." You can see that I am at the bottom of the list on the cover.



I wrote an essay titled "Time Reversal" which later appeared in a popular magazine. This book contains a number of very interesting essays.

I am pleased by the company I found myself in. My fellow contributors are Diane Ackerman, Anthony Aveni, Michael Brown, James Farlow, Timothy Ferris, David Freedman, Martin Gardner, James Gorman, Bruce Gregory, Robert Hazen, Douglas Hofstadter, Lawrence Joseph, Christopher Joyce, Michio Kaku, Harold Klawans, John Kotre, Lawrence Krauss, Thomas Levenson, Alan Lightman, Robert March, Laurence Marschall, Harold Morowitz, Dennis Overbye, Peter Radetsky, Judith Stone, James Trefil, Hans Christian von Baeyer, and Robert Wright.






"If Fox couldn't punch out the bully and help his father get a date, where would he be? If Michael Biehn couldn't save the mother of the rebel leader from the Terminator, what would have become of him?"


A later paperback edition