Swallowing Clouds New Edition

"Swallowing Clouds is almost essential foreplay" --- James Barber, The Urban Peasant

three paperback editions




  • A delightful and rewarding book for anybody ..... For the even mildly curious, Swallowing Clouds is almost essential foreplay, not just to one but to a lifetime of good Chinese meals. --- James Barber, The Urban Peasant
  • One of the most interesting and unique books on Chinese food .... the author presents a new understanding and meaning behind this rich and complex cuisine --- Christian Science Monitor
  • The most delightful food book of the year. Swallowing Clouds is a happy blending of instruction and amusement in the language, culture, and cuisine of China. --- Minneapolis Star-Tribune
  • A truly delightful literary compendium of wit, wisdom, and how-to ... Zee provides the amateur linguist with enough clues to demystify the pictographs --- Newsday
  • In this lyrical work, theoretical physicist Zee steps outside his specialty to write about his true loves. --- Kirkus Review
  • A book to relish! Zee has created a wonderful hybrid form here. --- Booklist