Lectures to General Audience

The search for symmetry and beauty in fundamental physics appears to touch a chord in many intellectuals and artists. Since the publication of Fearful Symmetry I have been invited to give lectures to general audiences around the world, including the Academy of Art in Berlin, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the National Center for the Performing Arts in Bombay (Mumbai), India, the National Taiwan University, the Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. Within the United States, I have given popular lectures at a number of institutions, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California at Santa Cruz, the University of South Carolina, and Dartmouth College, but most interestingly, to an audience of professors of English literature at the Commonwealth Center for Literary and Cultural Changes at the University of Virginia.

The text of my lecture was published in New Literary History, volume 23, page 815-838, 1992.

Here are a few selected posters.